Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Allie and asks about Laurel Van Ness attacking Allie last week. Allie says she’s not weak or small and things are changing. Allie says “You want to play a game, let’s play,” and storms off.

After Laurel wins her match Allie charges the ring and takes down Laurel with some ground and pound. Laurel is able to escape though relatively quickly.

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Backstage, McKenzie talks with the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship, Allie. She’s asked how she feels about this and Allie says she can’t believe she’s here and if she was asked this a year ago, she wouldn’t believe it. Getting more pumped up, she says this is her time and from the side comes Knockouts Champion, Laurel Van Ness. She stomps away at Allie and throws her into some backstage equipment.

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Sienna vs. KC Spinelli vs. Allie vs. Madison Rayne (Number One Contender Match)

Sienna, KC & Madison team up and start beating up on Allie. Once she’s down and out, Spinelli and Rayne focus on Sienna. Dropkick by Spinelli, Rayne sends Sienna to the floor. Spinelli attacks Rayne from behind, goes for a pin, two. Northern lights by Spinnelli, only two, Rayne returns the favor, pin, two. Rayne goes for a crossbody, but gets caught in midair and slammed down.

Allie in the ring now and pulls off a nice move flipping both Sienna and Spinelli down, those two start fighting on the outside. Rayne beats the heck out of Allie until Sienna hits a big boot on Rayne, pin, two. Rayne and Sienna go back and forth, Rayne tries for another running crossbody, caught, fall-away slam, pin, Allie breaks that up. “Let’s go Allie!” chant from the crowd as we head to break. Back in the ring, Sienna uses Rayne as a weapon, throwing her into both of the other wrestlers. Sienna looks to be in control until all three women gang up on her. Allie with a superkick on Rayne, Sienna hits a suplex on Allie, Spinelli takes down Sienna, and everybody is down!

Allie is up, puts everyone in a corner and she hits all three with an elbow. Allie nails Sienna with a codebreak, pin, but it gets broken up. Allie is going nuts! Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver, Sienna stops the count. Sienna goes for the AK-47, Allie sneaks in and rolls Sienna up for the win!

Winner: Allie via Pinfall (New Number One Contender)

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Jeremy Borash introduces the new Knockout’s champion Gail Kim. Allie comes out to show respect for Gail’s amazing career. Gail speaks on her time in professional wrestling and how her dream to become a pro wrestler came true. Gail announces she is going through with her retirement and thus, will be relinquishing the Knockout’s title.

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Allie vs. KC Spinelli

We head to Border City Wrestling, Allie goes in for a handshake, but gets it slapped away. Spinelli kicks away at Allie, who just seems to get angered by this. She lands to big strikes, but gets hit in the midsection and then the face. Allie in the corner, Spinelli charges in, Allie moves and drops her opponent, goes for a pin, two. Allie gets her neck draped over the top rope, followed up by two hair tosses.

Allie thrown into the corner, but Spinelli gets her head tucked under the second rope, Allie with a dropkick to her backside. Spinelli recovers, multiple dropping elbow, pin, two. Frustration starting to set in. Allie with multiple clotheslines, elbow, sliding elbows into a grounded Spinelli, pin, two. Allie gets popped in the stomach, suplex with the bridge, pin, two. Allie hits a big move, pin, two! Crowd really into this one. Spinelli sets up Allie, heads to the top, goes for a moonsault, misses, Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver for the win and gives the ref a hug.

Winner: Allie

Allie says she was so excited about winning, and couldn’t believe she was in the same ring with Gail Kim, who will have a message on next week’s show.

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Impact Knockouts Championship – Triple Threat Sienna vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie

Gail Kim and Allie double team Sienna early. Kim drops Sienna with a clothesline on the ring apron. Series of pinfall attempts between Kim and Allie. Double german suplex by Sienna on Kim and Allie. On the outside, Allie with a bulldog to Sienna bouncing off the ring. Kim drops Allie with a swinging kick using the ring post. Kim and Allie take turns hitting Sienna at ringside and then drop her over the barricade. Back inside, Kim and Allie exchange lefts and rights locking up. Sienna is up top and gets knocked down. Kim with a top rope huricanrana to Sienna. Kim leaps and takes out Allie with a flying elbow. Allie with an ugly looking elbow drop to Kim in the corner. Sienna tackles Allie on her way back in. Sienna sends Kim into the corner hitting Allie who was up top. Sienna with a fallaway slam on Allie off the top. Sienna then dumps Kim over Allie. Series of pinfall attempts by Sienna that get broken up. Kim with a close roll up on Sienna for a two count. Allie with a Codebreaker to Sienna. Kim with Eat Defeat on Allie. Sienna breaks up the pinfall. Sienna sends Allie into Kim in the corner. Sienna dumps Allie over the top rope. Kim off the top with an Eat Defeat on Sienna. Kim gets the pinfall.

Winner & new Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

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Rosemary & Allie vs. KC Spinelli & Sienna

At Border City Wrestling, we see Spinelli and Sienna attempt to team up on Allie, who hits a crossbody to take out her opponents. In come Rosemary from the top rope clearing out both Sienna and Spinelli. Rosemary with a splash in the corner, side suplex, pin on Spinelli, only two-count. Rosemary up top again, but Spinelli yanks her down to the mat, a flurry of elbows, pin, two. Rosemary continues to fight back with ground and pound and tosses Spinelli into the corner, she charges, misses, and gets dropkicked. Spinelli brings Sienna back into the match, back and forth action with neither woman getting much momentum.

Winners: Rosemary & Allie

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