Impact Wrestling Results – November 2nd, 2017

Rosemary & Allie vs. KC Spinelli & Sienna

At Border City Wrestling, we see Spinelli and Sienna attempt to team up on Allie, who hits a crossbody to take out her opponents. In come Rosemary from the top rope clearing out both Sienna and Spinelli. Rosemary with a splash in the corner, side suplex, pin on Spinelli, only two-count. Rosemary up top again, but Spinelli yanks her down to the mat, a flurry of elbows, pin, two. Rosemary continues to fight back with ground and pound and tosses Spinelli into the corner, she charges, misses, and gets dropkicked. Spinelli brings Sienna back into the match, back and forth action with neither woman getting much momentum.

Winners: Rosemary & Allie

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