Impact Wrestling Results – December 14th, 2017

Sienna vs. KC Spinelli vs. Allie vs. Madison Rayne (Number One Contender Match)

Sienna, KC & Madison team up and start beating up on Allie. Once she’s down and out, Spinelli and Rayne focus on Sienna. Dropkick by Spinelli, Rayne sends Sienna to the floor. Spinelli attacks Rayne from behind, goes for a pin, two. Northern lights by Spinnelli, only two, Rayne returns the favor, pin, two. Rayne goes for a crossbody, but gets caught in midair and slammed down.

Allie in the ring now and pulls off a nice move flipping both Sienna and Spinelli down, those two start fighting on the outside. Rayne beats the heck out of Allie until Sienna hits a big boot on Rayne, pin, two. Rayne and Sienna go back and forth, Rayne tries for another running crossbody, caught, fall-away slam, pin, Allie breaks that up. “Let’s go Allie!” chant from the crowd as we head to break. Back in the ring, Sienna uses Rayne as a weapon, throwing her into both of the other wrestlers. Sienna looks to be in control until all three women gang up on her. Allie with a superkick on Rayne, Sienna hits a suplex on Allie, Spinelli takes down Sienna, and everybody is down!

Allie is up, puts everyone in a corner and she hits all three with an elbow. Allie nails Sienna with a codebreak, pin, but it gets broken up. Allie is going nuts! Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver, Sienna stops the count. Sienna goes for the AK-47, Allie sneaks in and rolls Sienna up for the win!

Winner: Allie via Pinfall (New Number One Contender)

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