iMPACT Wrestling Results – October 25th, 2018

Su Yung vs Kiera Hogan

Kiera attacks Su during her entrance and swarms her with repeated charging moves in the corner. Kiera with a flying headscissors and a Greco-Roman kick to the skull for 2. Su turns it around and chokes Kiera with her boot, then hangs her in the Tree of Joey Lawrence and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Su puts the nasty glove on and goes for the mandible claw, but Kiera mounts a comeback. Kiera catches a high kick and counters to a sick powerbomb for 2. Su dumps Kiera to the ramp and drills her with a palm strike, then goes after her and goes for a Panic Switch off the ramp. Allie runs in to stop that and starts screaming at Su, who just stares a hole through her. A frightened Allie tells Kiera she can’t do this and runs to the back, leaving Kiera by herself. Su catches her coming through the ropes and hits a hanging Pedigree, then the Panic Switch finishes it.

Winner: Su Yung

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