RISE 14: Luminous Results – May 17th, 2019

Vipress vs. Dust (with Delilah Doom)

Dust got the pin after shoving Vipress off the ropes and following up with the diving double stomp in a fairly quick one. Delilah Doom interfered on the outside as Dust distracted the referee at times.

After the match, Doom ran in and punched away at Vipress until Cherry Bomb made the save. Cherry had a chain wrapped around her fist and laid out Doom and Dust as Rosemary sneered at her from the stage.

Cherry Bomb (aka Allie) vs. Rosemary in a Steel Cage Match

They started brawling outside the cage and into the crowd before Cherry Bomb could even get inside the cage.

Cherry gave Rosemary a shoulder tackle as she was propped up in a chair then finally threw her inside the cage.

Back and forth action inside the cage with each tossing the other into it. The story was they’re so evenly matched because their souls and history are linked together.

Delilah Doom and Dust ran out and placed a giant ladder up against the cage. Dust climbed up and started choking Cherry Bomb with a chain from the top of the cage as Rosemary had her on the top rope inside.

Eventually both Doom and Dust used the ladder to climb into the cage and they attacked Cherry Bomb.

Rosemary pinned Cherry Bomb as Dust and Doom held her up by the arms for Rosemary to give her a spear.

Doom and Dust then dragged Cherry Bomb out of the cage and to the back as Rosemary gave an evil laugh.

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