All Elite Wrestling – Fight For The Fallen 2019 Results

Allie vs. Brandi Rhodes w/Awesome Kong

Allie ducks a clothesline from Rhodes. Allie with a forearm smash. Allie drops Rhodes with The SlingBlade. Rhodes slams Allie’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Allie with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Allie follows that with a Senton Splash for a two count. Allie blasts Rhodes with a knife edge chop. Allie stares down Kong. Rhodes sends Allie across the ring. Allie with a Flying Crossbody Block. Allie side steps Rhodes into the turnbuckles. Allie with a RoundHouse Kick. Allie continues to be distracted by Kong. Rhodes with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Rhodes kicks Allie in the gut. Rhodes pours water on top of Allie. Rhodes slams Allie’s head on the apron. Rhodes drops Allie with a Big Boot for a two count. Rhodes kicks Allie in the back. Rhodes repeatedly stomps on Allie’s chest. Rhodes argues with the referee.

Allie with forearm shots across the chest of Rhodes. Rhodes with a shoulder tackle. Rhodes SuperKicks Allie for a two count. Rhodes transitions into a ground and pound attack. Rhodes puts her knee on the back of Allie’s neck. Rhodes kicks the left shoulder of Allie for a two count. Allie with a Spinning Back Kick. Kong trips Allie from the outside. Allie is pissed. Rhodes with a jumping knee strike. Rhodes follows that with a waist lock takedown for a two count. Rhodes toys around with Allie. Allie rolls Rhodes over for a two count. Rhodes goes for a Pump Kick, but Allie counters with The Hanging NeckBreaker. Allie and Rhodes are trading back and forth shots. Allie clotheslines Rhodes. Allie with two running elbow strikes. Allie hits The Sliding D for a two count.

Rhodes fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Rhodes decks Allie with a back elbow smash. Allie responds with a Running Bulldog for a two count. Allie gets Rhodes in The Dragon Sleeper. Rhodes with a Desperation Boot. Rhodes with a Tornado Suplex for a two count. Rhodes is displaying her frustration. Allie delivers The BSE. Allie with a Running Death Valley Driver for a two count. Kong puts Rhodes foot under the bottom rope. Allie tells Kong to stay back. Rhodes with an inside cradle for a two count. Allie blocks a lariat from Rhodes. Allie locks in The Dragon Sleeper. Kong continues to run interference. Rhodes rakes the eyes of Allie. Rhodes connects with The Bionic Spear to pickup the victory.

After the match, Rhodes and Kong continues to beat down Allie. Aja Kong walks down to the ring to make the save.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

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