All Elite Wrestling – All Out 2019 Results

Casino Battle Royale

The Librarian was taken out early, but Avalon put books under her feet allowing her to walk around the ring while stepping on the books, but she wasn’t eliminated.

Then Nyla Rose eliminated everyone in her suite until The Librarian tried to jump her. She got thrown out.

Diamonds out next. Shazza McKenzie, Britt Baker, Penelope Ford, Big Swole, Sadie Gibbs. This was a good suite. Shazza was pulled out early as Britt Baker had her hand in her mouth like a mandible claw.

Swole and Nyla Rose faced off until Rose grabbed Big Swole and brought her to the apron. Then Rose slammed her on the apron to eliminate her.

Tenille Dashwood, Bea Priestly, Awesome Kong and more came down. Britt Baker attacked Bea on the ramp.

The action continued and then another set came down with Allie, ODB, and more.

Finally, the joker came down just as Awesome Kong was eliminated. The joker was Mercedes Martinez. She got a huge pop.

They continued and Bea Priestly eliminated Sadie Gibbs then Martinez was eliminated by a pair of kicks from Baker and Bea. The final three were Nyla, Britt, and Bea.

Rose was sent over the top, but she held on and nailed a kick to both of them. Baker hit a Canadian Destroyer on Bea, but she couldn’t eliminate her. Then Britt tried to eliminate Nyla and hit a superplex.

Britt eliminated Bea and then Britt was jumped over by Nyla as Priestly pulled her over the top rope. That wasn’t fair at all.

Winner: Nyla Rose

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