AEW Dynamite Results – December 11th 2019

Cody and QT Marshall vs. The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny)

MJF with a picture-in-picture promo as Cody and QT make their way to the ring. MJF wishes Cody all the luck tonight, in his usual sarcastic nature. QT and Blade start things off, but Cody gets in there instead. Cody with a dropkick then lands a bunch of punches to the face in the corner. Blade with a shoulder tackle, Cody returns with a spinning power slam, cover, only a one-count. Butcher tags in, QT now wants to get in there, crowd with a “Cody’s partner!” chant. QT lands a slap, Bunny grabs his foot and QT goes out to the floor to get in her face. Blade tags in and hits a senton over the top rope and down to the floor on QT. Back in the ring it’s Cody and Blade, Cody ends up sliding out to the floor for a water break, Blad gets in his face and Cody spits some water in his face while the referee was distracted.

QT tags in and goes to work on Blade, but it’s short-lived offense as Blade takes over during the commercial break. QT looks to make the tag, but Butcher pulls Cody off the apron. Butcher and Blade go to work on QT, cover, two. Butcher clobbers QT, but QT with a handspring enziguri! The crowd was surprised by that move. Blade tags in, charges in the corner, nobody home. Cody gets the tag, crowd goes wild as Cody kicks Blade, clothesline, uppercut, disaster kick to Butcher. Cody with another kick to Blade, heads to the top rope for a moonsault, cover. two.

Cody with a nice cutter, cover, another two. The Bunny gouges Cody’s eyes, QT tags himself in pop-up forearm that sends Blade out to the floor. QT with a handspring flip over the top rope and takes out both opponents. He throws Blade back into the ring, cross rhodes hits. Cody with a suicide dive on Butcher. QT with a twisting senton, cover, two! Crowd thought that was it. Butcher drops Cody on the apron and he goes out to the floor. QT has to fight off both opponents. Blad hits a stunner, lariat by Butcher. Suplex/lung blower combo, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Butcher and The Blade

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