AEW Dark Results – May 26th, 2020

The Natural Nightmares w/Brandi Rhodes vs. The Dark Order

Marshall and Reynolds will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Reynolds applies a wrist lock. Marshall reverses the hold. Marshall tags in Rhodes. Double Wist Lock. Double Gut Punch. Natural Nightmares follows that with a Double Side Russian Leg Sweep. Reynolds drives his knee into the midsection of Rhodes. Rhodes with a deep arm-drag. Rhodes sends Reynolds shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Rhodes with a straight right hand. Rhodes applies a wrist lock. Rhodes tags in Marshall. Rhodes whips Reynolds across the ring. Marshall delivers a gut punch. Rhodes with a running knee lift. Marshall hits The Standing Corkscrew Splash. Marshall is distracted by Allie. Marshall with two shoulder tackles. Reynolds launches Marshall over the top rope. Marshall drops Reynolds with a Flying Axe Handle Strike. Marshall is possessed. Reynolds tags in Silver.

Silver with a Flying Forearm off the ring apron. Silver rolls Marshall back into the ring. Silver hooks the outside leg for a one count. Marshall with a straight right hand. Silver ducks a clothesline from Marshall. Silver with a Running European Uppercut for a one count. Silver applies a front face lock. Reynolds tags himself in. Reynolds kicks Marshall in the ribs. Reynolds with clubbing blows to Marshall’s back. Reynolds repeatedly stomps on Marshall’s chest. Reynolds abuses the referee’s five count. Following a snap mare takeover, Reynolds with a clubbing crossface. Marshall answers with forearm shivers. Reynolds hits The HammerLock Lariat for a two count. Reynolds slams Marshall’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Reynolds tags in Silver. Marshall is displaying his fighting spirit. Dark Order with The Pop Up Uppercut for a two count. Silver talks smack to Marshall.

Silver unloads two mid-kicks. Marshall is pissed. Marshall blocks a boot from Silver. Marshall with a Shoulder Capture Suplex. Silver tags in Reynolds. Marshall ducks a clothesline from Reynolds. Marshall tags in Rhodes. Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Reynolds. Rhodes with two clotheslines. Reynolds reverses out of the Irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes with a Drop Down Uppercut. Rhodes knocks Silver off the ring apron. Rhodes with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Rhodes follows that with a Running Bulldog. Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Silver. Rhodes PowerSlams Silver. Reynolds drives his knee into the midsection of Rhodes. Reynolds with a forearm smash. Marshall tags himself in. Reynolds whips Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes connects with The Canadian Destroyer. Marshall plants Reynolds with The Diamond Cutter to pick up the victory.

Winner: The Natural Nightmares

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