AEW Dynamite Results – January 27th, 2021

Eddie Kingston vs. “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer

Lance stands on stage and tells Jake to go to the back. He reluctantly obliges. Eddie takes a chop at Lance but he gets knocked down. Archer charges at Eddie several times and tries to take the legs out of Lance before biting him. Big thumb to the eye to Archer. Eddie can’t knock Lance down despite all the dirty tactics.

Archer gouges the eyes of Eddie and gives him a major palm strike. Eddie dives off with a shoulder tackle but doesn’t knock Lance down. Pounce by Archer Monty Brown style. Lance hammers the back of Eddie and chops him at the ropes. Crowd asks for “one more time” and Lance does the honors. Archer chokeslams Eddie right onto the hard part of the apron. “Holy crap” chants from the crowd (to prevent censorship lol). Archer sends Eddie into the camera man. Archer chokes Eddie off the guardrail before Kingston rolls himself back into the ring. Full nelson slam by Archer. Archer utilizes the corner to slingshot splash himself onto Eddie. He lifts Eddie up. Eddie tries to go for the backfist but Archer catches him. Nonetheless, Eddie knocks him down with a running lariat. Two count.

Rip chord lariat by Archer. Archer goes for The Blackout, but Eddie escapes only to get chokeslammed in the center of the ring. Eddie tries to get to his feet and Archer goes Old School with a moonsault press. More “Holy crap” chants. The Claw slams by Archer. Butcher and Blade come out with a beaten Jake Roberts. Bunny runs in and hands Eddie some knuckle enhancements. Eddie connects with his loaded backfist to get the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Once the match wraps up, things don’t end there, as The Butcher and The Blade join The Bunny and Eddie Kingston in the ring for a post-match beatdown.

Eddie Kingston and his Family work over “The Murderhawk Monster” in the ring as the numbers game is too much for him. Jake “The Snake” Roberts tries to come out but he ends up on the wrong end of a beatdown for his efforts as well.

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