AEW Rampage Results – September 17th, 2021

The Bunny (w/H.F.O.) vs Anna Jay (w/Tay Conti)

Before the bell, Bunny met Jay on the ramp and the two went at it on the outside. Jay got the upper hand, then threw Bunny into the ring as the match officially began.

Jay hit a running back elbow in the corner, then another. Jay maintained control until the Bunny bailed from the ring to collect her composure. Jay followed and the two traded blows until Bunny nailed Jay with a thrust kick to the face. Bunny then rammed Jay’s injured shoulder into the ring post. Bunny kept Jay on the outside and focused on her arm in the process. Bunny threw Jay into the guardrail as they went to break. [c]

Jay and Bunny were shown getting up from the mat. Bunny again focused on Jay’s arm until Jay reversed and kicked out Bunny’s knee. Jay went for a cover but only managed a two count. Jay locked in the Queen Slayer submission, but the Bunny reversed. Jay hit a back kick until Penelope Ford distracted Jay from the apron. Tay Conti took her out which allowed Jay to roll up Bunny for the win.

Winner: Anna Jay

After the match, Bunny and Ford attacked Conti and Jay. Ford took out the brass knuckles and knocked out Conti as she was being held by Bunny. Ford then turned her attention to Jay and knocked her out as well.

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