AEW Rampage Results – January 14th, 2022

Leyla Hirsch, Red Velvet & Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny, Penelope Ford & Nyla Rose

Once we transition back into the arena, we see Kris Statlander, Red Velvet and “Legit” Leyla Hirsch all standing in their corner without any ring entrances. The same can be said for their opponents, Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford and The Bunny, all of whom are also already standing-and-waiting for the bell to get this one started.

Finally, the bell does sound and we’re now off-and-running with our co-main event of the evening, as it’s time for a Women’s AEW Trios match. It looks like Statlander is going to start things off for her team, however Hirsch ends up tagging herself in before Statlander exits her own team’s corner. Hirsch comes in and immediately goes to work setting the tone in this one.

As Hirsch gets close to her side of the ring again, we see another blind tag result in a change in the legal woman in the contest. Statlander and Velvet each take a turn controlling the offense and then we see the heel trio finally start to take over as we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the break we see Velvet and Rose are the legal participants for their respective teams. Rose grabs Velvet by the throat and hoists her up high before bringing her down the hard way for a devastating choke-slam. She goes for the cover after that, but Velvet kicks out at two. The match keeps going and as Rose looks to add more punishment to Velvet, we see Velvet avoid the onslaught and make it to her corner.

Velvet makes the much-needed tag to Statlander. Statlander takes the hot tag and comes into the ring like a woman possessed. She fires up on offense and takes over. Rose tags out and when Ford comes in, Statlander gives her the business as well until Ford rakes her eyes. She goes to follow that up with a cartwheel cutter, but Statlander avoids it. Now we see Statlander lock Ford in the spider crab.

She bends and yanks away at Ford, who is bent in half now, however Vickie Guerrero hops on the ring apron to provide a timely distraction. This allows Bunny to interfere with a cheap shot on Statlander. When the ref turns around, Ford tags in The Bunny. She looks to add to the onslaught, but Statlander counters with a blue thunder bomb. She goes for the cover but Bunny kicks out. Statlander backs into a corner and is stalking Bunny for her finisher, but Hirsch ends up tagging herself in.

She goes to try and win this one herself, even though Statlander seemingly had this one wrapped up, but it backfires as the heel trio end up stealing the victory with a quick roll-up of Hirsch for the pin fall. After the match, we immediately shoot to a backstage segment.

Winners: The Bunny, Penelope Ford & Nyla Rose

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