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AllieName: Laura Grace Dennis
Ring Names: Allie, Cherry Bomb
Born: September 3rd, 1987
Billed From: London, Ontario, Canada
Residence: Buffalo, New York, US
Debut: 2005
On her eighteenth birthday, Dennis signed up to begin training at the Squared Circle Training centre based in Toronto, Ontario, with Rob Etcheverria. Etchevaria named her Cherry Bomb, and she began wrestling under the name. She later trained with Derek Wylde. She debuted in May 2005 in Oshawa, Ontario. More on Allie

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Type: Wrestling/Entertainment
Role: Wrestler Allie
When: Wednesday Night’s
Where: TNT @ 8/7c
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Allie, Courtney Rush, Andrew Everett, Tony Prime (Officer Mickey), Allyson Kay run down the remainder of Season Five with a surprise appearance by Braxton Sutter!

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AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Results – August 3rd, 2020
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Brandi Rhodes and Allie were backstage to draw their colors and they both got red, so the Nightmare Sisters will be a team in the tournament.

The Nightmare Sisters w/The Natural Nightmares vs. Penelope Ford & Melanie Cruise w/Kip Sabian In A Quarter-Final Round Match In The Inaugural AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament

Allie and Ford will start things off. Ford kicks Allie in the gut. Ford applies a side headlock. Allie with heavy bodyshots. Ford tugs on Allie’s hair. Ford grabs a side headlock. Allie pulls Ford down to the mat. Ford rolls Allie over for a two count. Allie with a Spinning Back Kick. Allie drops Ford with a Running Knee Lift for a two count. Allie applies a front face lock. Rhodes tags herself in. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Cruise made the blind tag. Nightmare Sisters with a Double Elbow Drop. Cruise breaks up the pinning opportunity. Cruise transitions into a ground and pound attack. Cruise repeatedly slams Rhodes face on the canvas. Cruise with forearm smash. Cruise whips Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes with a Cazadora Arm-Drag. Rhodes taunts Ford. Rhodes with a running elbow smash. Rhodes tags in Allie.

Following a rolling snap mare takeover, Rhodes SuperKicks Cruise. Allie with a basement dropkick for a two count. Allie with a chop/forearm combination. Short-Arm Reversal by Allie. Allie decks Cruise with a back elbow smash. Allie drops Cruise with a Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Allie applies a front face lock. Cruise runs Allie into the turnbuckles. Cruise tags in Ford. Ford delivers a gut punch. Ford with a forearm smash. Ford rams Allie’s face across the top strand. Allie ducks a clothesline from Ford. Allie with a forearm smash. Allie blows Ford a kiss. Kip Sabian pulls Ford out of the ring. Sabian starts arguing with QT Marshall. Allie rolls Ford back into the ring.

Ford and Cruise are cutting the ring in half. Cruise levels Allie with The Big Boot. Cruise tosses Allie back inside the ring. Ford hits The Double Knee GutBuster for a two count. Ford puts her leg on the back of Allie’s neck. Ford drives Allie throat first into the top rope. The referee is trying to calm down Rhodes.Ford is choking Allie with her boot. Ford applies a front face lock. Ford tags in Cruise. Cruise punches Allie in the back. Cruise talks smack to Allie. Cruise sends Allie face first into the canvas. Cruise with a double axe handle strike. Cruise drags Allie to the corner. Cruise tags in Ford. Wish Bone Attack. Ford goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Allie counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Allie rolls Ford over for a two count. Ford drops Allie with a Running Lariat for a two count. Ford is displaying her frustration.

Allie with heavy bodyshots. Ford punches Allie in the back. Allie decks Ford with a JawBreaker. Ford matrix under a clothesline from Allie. Ford delivers with The Stunner. Ford tag in Cruise. Cruise goes for a Flying Leg Drop, but Allie ducks out of the way. Allie tags in Rhodes. Rhodes with two running clotheslines. Rhodes nails Cruise with The Pump Kick. Rhodes SuperKicks Cruise. Rhodes knocks Ford off the ring apron. Cruise with a forearm smash. Cruise whips Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes hits The SlingBlade for a two count. Allie clocks Ford with a running forearm smash. Allie transitions into a ground and pound attack. Cruise connects with The ChokeBomb for a two count. The referee is distracted by Sabian. Marshall pulls Sabian off the apron. Sabian decks Marshall with a big haymaker. Sabian backs away from Dustin Rhodes. Allie rakes the eyes of Cruise. Rhodes plants Cruise with The Flying Spear to pickup the victory.

Winners: The Nightmare Sisters

Backstage, Brandi Rhodes cockily said that she was a huge star out there tonight. Allie said that she was also pretty good out there. Brandi said that she’s the first AEW woman with her own action figure. Allie rolled her eyes and Brandi said that she’ll get Allie an action figure too.

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