AEW Dynamite Results – March 11th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – March 11th 2020

The Butcher, The Blade & MJF vs. Jurassic Express

When we return from the break, The Butcher and The Blade are making their way to the ring accompanied by The Bunny. Out next is their tag-team partner for tonight, who comes out accompanied by Wardlow, MJF. Out next are the trio of Jurassic Express — The Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy.

Once the bell sounds, it doesn’t take long before the heels are in the offensive driver’s seat after The Butcher and The Blade hit a double chop-block on the back of both of Luchasaurus’ knees. MJF takes over from there as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see Luchasaurus finally starting to show signs of life, although he is still walking extra careful on the two legs that The Butcher and The Blade took out earlier in the contest.

Now his legs appear to be strengthening up, as while both guys hold on to each leg of Luchasaurus, he drags them step-by-step from one end of the ring to the other before ultimately making the tag.

Jungle Boy takes the hot tag and has already hit two spots off the top rope and is gearing up for a dive to the floor. He is momentarily stopped until Marko comes in to make the save. Afterwards, Marko hits the tope suicida but is caught and held until Jungle Boy follows behind him to knock down The Butcher and The Blade as they were holding him. Now, Luchasaurus hits a crazy step-up dive of his own that looked super impressive in live speed.

Back in the ring, Luchasaurus hits Blade and MJF with a double chokeslam before following up with a standing moonsault. His pin attempt is broken up and now the ring is cleared of everyone except Luchasaurus and The Butcher, who exchange shoulder smashes into each other like two rams or rhinos or something.

Now Marko is up looking for a high spot but The Bunny hops on the apron for a distraction while The Blade throws him off and onto the floor. MJF yanks Marko in his Salt of the Earth submission finisher and this one is over.

Winners: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade

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  AEW Dynamite Results – February 26th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – February 26th 2020

Best Friends vs. The Butcher & The Blade

The bell sounds and immediately The Blade knocks Chuck Taylor off the ring apron for no reason. Meanwhile, The Butcher goes to work on Trent in the ring. Now he tags in The Blade, who picks up where he left off after the two hit a cool double-team move and boast to the fans in Kansas City.

The Best Friends start making their come back. As both The Butcher and The Blade remain on the floor to regroup, J.R. takes us to a mid-match commercial.

We’re back from the break and we see The Blade tag in and continue to deliver punishment to Chuck Taylor. Taylor finally makes the tag to Trent. Trent comes in with an awesome swinging DDT before knocking The Butcher off the ring apron and out to the floor.

He goes to the other side of the ring and after momentarily having trouble with The Blade, he hits a nice spear to take out The Blade on the floor.

Now, with all the guys down on the floor, The Bunny and Orange Cassidy each roll into the ring and the fans erupt. The Bunny cuts off a dramatic Orange Cassidy gesture by yanking his sunglasses off his face. She goes to kick him in the balls, but he catches her foot and stops her. He swings her around and then yanks the bunny ears off her head.

The Blade goes to attack Orange Cassidy from behind, but he moves. He dives onto The Butcher on the floor. Trent hits a big move off the top rope and gets the pin. The Best Friends get the win with an assist from “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy.

Winners: Best Friends

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  AEW Dynamite Results – February 19th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – February 19th 2020

AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal!

Dynamite has an explosive opener as the entirety of the AEW Tag Team Division ringside, minus the champions and their challengers for the night. The Young Bucks, SoCal Uncensored, Jurassic Express, Private Party, Best Friends, Proud ‘n’ Powerful, The Butcher & The Blade, The Hybrid2, Strong Hearts, and the Dark Order’s Beaver Boys are all fighting for Revolution!

The bell rings and all the teams rush in! And we have chaos! Trent goes after Isiah Kassidy while Luchasaurus clubs Jack Evans. SCU is after MJF’s mercs while Strong Hearts and the Bucks brawl in a corner. Fans cheer for “A E DUB!” for this insane action to start. But wait, just off in the corner, not in the ring at all, the Beaver Boys are staying out of the fight! And so are Santana and Ortiz! It seems John Silver and Alex Reynolds, as well as the Inner Circle, are fighting smarter, not harder. Angelico bumps T-Hawk off buckles while Private Party goes after SCU. Jungle Boy is after Angelico with help from Hawk while The Blade throws kicks on Luchasaurus. Wait, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky each go up top on opposite corners, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The whole field goes down!

Jack Evans slips away to a corner and boasts as he works to do the same. 450 is CAUGHT! Evans crowd surfs and gets THROWN! Evans is out but Angelico keeps TH2 alive in this match, and he goes after Matt Jackson! SCU goes after Angelico, wanting to get TH2 out completely. Private Party goes after Strong Hearts while Butcher saves Blade. Luchasaurus and JB go out under the bottom rope, and JB holds onto the post so as not to be eliminated. T-Hawk rallies on Private Party with shoulders and elbows. Marq Quen elbows Hawk back and Isiah helps him, but Hawk overpowers them. Hawk sends Quen out, then Isiah, but he gets SILLY STRONG DDT! Out goes Hawk! Strong Hearts are half down!

But The Blade & The Blade double team Isiah with the backbreaker! Blade whips Scorpio but Scorpio reverses, and Blade runs into Kaz’s kick! Scorpio hits the complete shot! Kaz rallies on Angelico, kick, knee lift and LARIAT! Atlanta cheers for SCU but NOW the Dark Order’s top minions attack! Reynolds and Silver clobber Scorpio and Kaz from behind! Fans boo as they drag Scorpio up and whip him into Kaz. But Scorpio monkey flips Kaz to DOUBLE LARIAT the Beaver Boys down! Wait, the Dark Order’s spokesperson gets SCU’s attention. “I thought SCU was about brotherhood.” So then where is Christopher Daniels? The Exalted One is drawing near. But then the Beaver Boys throw out and ELIMINATE SCU!! Only to turn around into SUPERKICKS!! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE The Beaver Boys!

SCU go after Evil Uno and Stu Grayson in the crowd! Who cares about the Exalted One when they can beat up these two now! But back in the ring, Angelico scoops Matt to give him a backbreaker. Nick goes after Angelico but gets a low blow! CIMA dropkicks Angelico! And ends up face to face with Trent. They CHOP and CHOP back and forth! The mercs are after Private Party as Cima gets the edge. Cima whips, Trent reverses but Cima fakes out the dropkick to DOUBLE STOMP! Cima whips Trent but Trent boots back. Trent hops up but Cima SHORYUKENS! And ICONOCLASMS! Fans fire up but NOW PNP gets in to go after CIma.

Cima fights them off but Ortiz puts Cima out. Ortiz sends Jungle Boy out but they double enziguri Ortiz back! And then JB brawls with Cima on the apron! Cima ducks a punch to waistlock JB! Luchasaurus saves JB with a BOOT! Jurassic Express ELIMINATES Strong Hearts! Santana goes after Luchasaurus but JB ROCKS Santana with a forearm. JB slingshots up and over Luchasaurus to headscissor Santana away! JB dropkicks Isiah and feeds Quen to Luchasaurus’ BOOT! Fans are fired up as JB wheelbarrows Quen up, Luchasaurus adds the TAIL WHIP to the half nelson facebuster! But the Bunny distracts JB, who is a sucker for a pretty lady. This allows Butcher and Blade to pounce on the Jurassic Express!

Proud ‘n’ Powerful are back outside by going under the bottom rope, they get cheap shots in on Private Party. Wait, is Evil Uno offering Cima a Creeper Mask!? Cima takes hold of it, but he doesn’t put it on. He goes backstage, will the Strong Hearts soon #JoinDarkOrder? Back in the ring, Angelico throws Nick Jackson out but Nick holds on to the ropes! Angelico sweeps but misses, and gets the slingshot facebuster! Ortiz and Santana go after Nick, double suplex but Nick fights out! Nick gives out roundhouse kicks to the Butcher and the Blade, then a back kick to Trent and Chuckie T. Luchasaurus choke grips and lifts Nick, but Nick slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Nick gives a corner shining wizard to Santana! Then one to Ortiz! Then the Butcher, and then The Blade!

The Blade gets extra with the roundhouse, forearm and NO bulldog as Blade feeds Nick to the Butcher, who throws Nick out! Matt is the only Buck left! Matt goes for revenge but the Butcher puts him in a corner. Isiah comes squealing in but he’s sent into Matt! And so is Quen! Butcher starts serving up Private Party Buck clothesline sandwiches! And then he runs at JB, only to get an elbow and forearm. JB runs at Butcher but Butcher backdrops him onto Matt and Private Party! Ortiz and Santana regroup while Luchasaurus stares down The Butcher! Fans fire up as these two big men start throwing forearms! They’re on Luchasaurus’ side, and things turn to CHOPS! Butcher blocks a boot but Luchasaurus boots a clothesline to HEADBUTT! But Butcher knees back and swings. Luchasaurus handsprings?! TAIL WHIP but Butcher LARIATS! Atlanta fires up as both men fall!

Quen runs at Santana but Santana dodges to clothesline Quen out! Quen lands on the apron, and Isiah runs over, Silly Strong is denied! An enziguri rocks Quen, and Isiah is used to knock him off! Quen is out, and then Proud ‘n’ Powerfull TOSS Isiah onto him! Proud ‘n’ Powerful ELIMINATE Private Party! But then Jurassic Express goes after them! Angelico grabs JB to throw him out, but JB holds onto the ropes. JB SLAPS Angelico, and Angelico runs into Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus shows kick, Angelico puts up his guard, but Luchasaurus brings it down to HEADBUTT! And boot! JB low bridges Angelico, Jurassic Express ELIMINATES TH2! But Sammy Guevara grabs at JB’s feet! PNP run and knock JB off the apron!

Luchasaurus choke grips Santana but Ortiz begs for mercy. Luchasaurus shows no mercy, but the mercs attack! They and PNP work to get Luchasuarus up and out! They ELIMINATE Jurassic Express! Matt Jackson is all alone under the bottom rope while Best Friends, Proud ‘n’ Powerful, and The Butcher & The Blade are the three full teams left. Best Friends go after Butcher but he kicks them away. Blade helps out, but Best Friends spill out the bottom. Butcher and Blade pursue, and Matt goes after PNP! Trent SPEARS Blade while PNP beat Matt down. Chuckie CANNONBALLS onto the mercs! Chuckie gets in the ring but Santana boots him to a corner. Santana runs in but Chuckie hits the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Trent adds on the PSYCHO KNEE!

Chuckie BOOTS Ortiz, and feeds him Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! Atlanta fires up as the Best Friends HUG! Only for the Butcher to throw Chuckie out! Matt goes after Butcher but Blade throws Trent. Trent skins the cat and grabs Blade with head scissors! Orange Cassidy appears from practically thin air and saves Trent from the floor! Cassidy gets Trent to the steel steps, and Trent baits Blade into the tornado DDT! Matt sends Blade out, but Blade skins the cat, only to get double dropkicks from Matt and Trent! Trent, Matt and Butcher stand-alone while PNP is huddled by a corner. These are our final five!

Matt and Trent stand together while Butcher works with PNP for a 3v2 brawl! That, of course, favors Butcher, Santana, and Ortiz. Santana whips Matt to a corner, and then he and Ortiz whip Matt and Trent at each other. Trent and Matt dosido to go back and corner clothesline PNP! Trent and Matt DOUBLE SUPERKICK Butcher! Wait, is it… Yes, Matt and Trent HUG! Honorary Best Buck Friends! But then Butcher double LARIATS them both! Bunny cheers Butcher as he drags Trent up. Butcher CHOPS Trent in a corner, then backs up, for a big corner clothesline! He grinds a boot into Trent while Ortiz keeps Matt down. Butcher whips Trent corner to corner, and Trent tumbles over and out! Butcher clubs Trent but Trent holds on to the bottom rope!

PNP keep Matt away as Butcher drags Trent up. Trent grabs Butcher and drags him out! They’re both on the apron while Matt fights off PNP. Butcher forearms Trent and Cassidy is waiting to help. Trent wobbles but he CHOPS Butcher back! And again! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, confident Trent has this. But then Bunny comes by and flirts. Only to keep Cassidy in his oranges!! Bunnies don’t like Sloths, it seems. Butcher CLOBBERS Trent and the mercs ELIMINATE Best Friends! Matt goes after Butcher with furious fists, and BITES the fingers! Butcher pushes Matt away, so Matt SPEARS Butcher! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE Butcher & Blade, and Matt is still in this because he went through the middle rope! Matt is all alone with Proud ‘n’ Powerful and let’s not forget Sammy. Matt gets in and fights PNP by himself! Haymakers and CHOPS, but PNP kicks low.

PNP double whips, Matt dodges, but his double clotheslines are ducked. PNP double back suplex but Matt lands on his feet! Matt gives them DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! And he floats through!! Matt dumps Santana out, but Santana holds on! Matt runs but Sammy trips him! Ortiz and Santana bring Matt to a corner, Santana climbs, STREET SWEEPER!! PNP drags Matt up and throws him out, but Matt says on the apron! The Inner Circle thinks they’ve won but Matt gets in. PNP goes after Matt with stomps and then lift him, but Matt slips out. Matt boots Santana and prepares to backdrop Ortiz, but Ortiz CLAWS Matt’s back! Rawr. Matt throws Ortiz out! Ortiz is on the apron, and Santana stops himself from running into him. But then Santana dodges and the SUPERKICK sends Ortiz down! It’s just Matt and Santana!

Matt SUPERKICKS Santana! Sammy springboards in, into a SUPERKICK! Matt runs to clothesline Santana out! The Young Bucks ELIMINATE Proud ‘n’ Powerful, and WIN!!

Winners: The Young Bucks (NEW #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships)

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  AEW Dynamite Results – February 5th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – February 5th 2020

The Butcher, The Blade & The Lucha Bros vs. Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & The Young Bucks

The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny make their way to the ring. Our featured eight-man tag-team bout that was set up on last week’s AEW Dynamite show is up next.

After the initial ring entrance, The Lucha Brothers — Pentagon JR. and Rey Fenix — make their way to the ring as the announcers hype up how good this match should be.

The Being The Elite theme music plays as all four guys, The Young Bucks — Nick and Matt Jackson — along with the reigning AEW World Tag-Team Champions Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, come to the ring together.

Page walks to the ring by himself in a hurry while the other three show solidarity and make their way to the squared circle in unison. The bell sounds and Hangman and The Blade kick things off for their respective teams. Hangman jumps to an early lead and tags in Omega.

Omega picks up where Hangman left off after some quick double-team offense. Omega hits a high spot for a near fall and then takes The Blade to his corner of the ring, where he tags in one of The Young Bucks. The Young Bucks tag each other in-and-out immediately. The Elite utilizing quick-tags to keep fresh guys on The Blade, and to keep the offensive momentum on their side of the fence for this eight-man bout.

A triple drop-kick takes out the big man as all four guys from each team end up involved in a big brawl as the noise in the Von Braun Center grows. A huge Omega high spot from the top-rope takes out everyone on the floor as J.R. on commentary questions whether or not order will get restored in this contest. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from the break we see the fight still out on the floor. It isn’t long, however, before Matt Jackson shines with some high spots in the ring, taking out several members of the opposition in impressive fashion. A big back-stabber by Pentagon JR. appears to turn the offensive tide in the favor of the heel foursome. A big high spot off the top rope from Pentagon JR. hurts the leg of Omega. Now, Rey Fenix takes over, blasting one-half of the AEW tag champs with a good-old fashioned knuckle sandwich to the dome.

Now, The Butcher tags in and delivers some punishment before tagging in The Blade. The two utilize some double-team offense before taunting the fans and their opponents on the ring apron. The fans try to rally Omega back into the match, and it starts working as the AEW EVP shows signs of life. Finally, Hangman Page takes the hot tag. The fans chant “Cowboy Sh*t!” as he starts leveling anyone that moves, including those outside the ring.

Omega begins making his comeback, hitting snap-dragon suplexes and big knees/kicks before tagging in one of The Young Bucks. The duo hits Assisted Slice Bread as the fans rise to their feet. Hangman Page, still being the turd in the punch bowl of the group, tags himself in and takes it upon himself to commence kicking some heel booty as the fans cheer on regardless.

The Butcher with an elbow to the ear seems to break Hangman’s momentum, however he reverses another move attempt into a fall-away slam. He goes to nip-up afterwards, but couldn’t quite stand up out of it, so decided to sell an injury to his leg. Meanwhile, The Lucha Bros arrive on the scene in the ring and both Pentagon JR. and Rey Fenix start flying all over the place. In the midst of the chaos, Fenix sneaks in a pin out of nowhere on Hangman Page.

Winners: The Lucha Bros, The Butcher & The Blade

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  AEW Dynamite Results – January 29th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – January 29th 2020

We get a segment where MJF & Wardlow enter through the kitchen and pay off The Bunny with an envelope full of cash with The Young Bucks name on the front.

Back to the arena, and Butcher, Blade and the Bunny make their way to the ring with MJF and Wardlow with them. The announcers let us know that they were being paid to get revenge on the Young Bucks and we go to commercial.

We’re back and the Young Bucks are coming to the ring and MJF is at the announcer’s table.

The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher & The Blade.

Nick starts the match with Butcher, and Butcher is able to get in a series of strong strikes to start. Nick is able to escape and they each tag in their partners and the Bucks are able to take control. The Bucks dominate with a series of tandem maneuvers until the Butcher comes in without a tag and clotheslines them both.

Matt is worked over by Blade, rolls out of the ring, and while Butcher sets up to take him out, Matt escapes, goes through the ring and tags in Nick. Nick and Blade trade kicks, Butcher gets a kick from Nick, but Bunny is able to grab Nick’s leg and pull him off the apron, hitting his head on the way down. Butcher then nails Nick and tosses him back in the ring. Blade celebrates and we go to commercial.

During the commercial, they work over Nick on the small screen as we see a cavalcade of fast food and candy.

When we return, Butcher is still working over Nick, and then Blade joins for a series of chops and double team moves. Blade gets a two count, broken up by Matt. Nick starts to fight his way out of danger and finally gets a tag to Matt who takes over with strikes on Blade.

Matt leaps through the ropes to kick Butcher on the outside, doesn’t let go of the ropes and pulls himself in and hits an over the top sliced bread on Blade and then leaps onto Butcher. Matt leaps up and hits an elbow off the top for a two count. Nick is tagged in and he hits a senton for a two count, broken up by Butcher. Butcher gets a super kick, and the Bucks nail Blade with a Meltzer Driver for the pin.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After the match, Butcher attacks the Bucks, and Kenny Omega runs down for the save and Page coming behind him with a beer to, hands it to Nick, hits a Buckshot lariat on Blade, grabs the beer back and heads to the back.

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  AEW Dynamite Results – January 15th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – January 15th 2020

MJF, The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny & Wardlow) vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

We finally get back to scheduled action now, as The Butcher and The Blade make their way to the ring accompanied by The Bunny. They settle inside the squared circle. MJF and Wardlow come out next.

Their opponents begin their entrances to the ring now. Next out is QT Marshall by himself, who waits at the end of the aisle for his tag-team partner, Dustin Rhodes, who makes his way out now. Finally, they are joined by the returning WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). Our six-man tag-bout is up next, as MJF joins The Butcher & The Blade to take on the trio of DDP, “The Natural” and QT Marshall.

As the bell sounds, J.R. admits being surprised that DDP is actually starting things off for his team, while MJF kicks things off inside the ring for his team. DDP gets in some action and quickly tags in Marshall. MJF and Marshall go at it a bit, with MJF getting the better of the exchange before tagging out to The Blade.

The Blade picks up where MJF left off until QT tags in Dustin Rhodes. “The Natural” takes the hot-tag, comes in and takes out any-and-everything that moves until MJF gets in a cheap shot, which we find out he used the Diamond Ring to blast him with. Dustin is thrown out of the ring now and while The Blade distracts the ref, The Bunny slaps Dustin and Wardlow takes him out with a big boot.

Dustin is thrown back into the ring where The Blade goes to work on him and tags in The Butcher, as we head to a split-screen, mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see Dustin trying to make a comeback in the ring. He’s still showing signs of life, which are picking up now as he starts teasing making the tag. He keeps getting cut off, but finding a way to take out the person cutting him off, keeping his chances of tagging in a fresh man alive.

Finally, DDP takes the hot-tag and the Watsco Center roof almost comes off the joint as the founder of DDP Yoga puts his product on display in the form of a fired up comeback for his team, taking out any Blades, Butchers and anyone else in the process. He hits a Diamond Cutter and goes to do the same on MJF, but Friedman hits a low-blow to avoid it.

Dustin tags in and blasts MJF with a crazy move, sending him right into DDP for a Diamond Cutter that connects this time. Now QT tags in as the legal man in the match while Dustin hits a cannonball onto the heels on the floor. The QT Special now from a running Marshall in the ring to the floor.

The elder statesman of the group heads to the top rope and comes flying off with a big splash onto all the guys on the floor. The fans erupt for that spot as DDP pops up just fine, throwing the Diamond Cutter symbol up to the approving Miami fans. Literally seconds later, MJF sneaks in a pin when the action spills back into the ring. The fans boo.

Winners: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade

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  AEW Dynamite Results – January 8th 2020 
AEW Dynamite Results – January 8th 2020

MJF and Wardlow make their way to the ring. MJF is mad and he yells that he already told Cody the rules. He counts down from 10-1 and says he Cody is a bitch. Cody doesn’t come out, instead, it’s DDP.

DDP gets in the ring and introduces himself. He says he if you’d told him nine years ago that he would be live on TNT on AEW, he wouldn’t believe it. But he’s here tonight to address the situation with MJF – who is on his phone in the corner. DDP asks if he’s coming back for one more match but MJF cuts him off and says he couldn’t lace his boots. DDP throws the microphone and gets in his face but MJF tells him to hold up. He says he doesn’t want to face DDP, but these guys do…

The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny come to the ring. MJF says WCW is dead, just like most of DDP’s fans. MJF says DDP has two options; he can kiss his ring, or he can get his ass beat by them. MJF talks about sleeping with DDP’s daughter, so the former WCW Champion grabs him by the throat. They start attacking DDP but he takes out most of them with Diamond Cutters but MJF shoves him and MJF kicks him in the gnards. Officials run down and stop it.

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