AEW Dynamite Results – January 13th, 2021

“The Bastard” PAC vs. Eddie Kingston

The video package showing the history of Eddie Kingston’s Family and the reformation of Death Triangle with “The Bastard” PAC airs.

Once the vignette wraps up, Eddie Kingston’s music hits and out he comes accompanied by The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny. As they make their way down to the squared circle, we see highlights from recent weeks and then a quick pre-match backstage promo from earlier tonight from Kingston, who vows to send PAC back home.

“The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts then handles the formal pre-match ring introduction of Kingston. Now his music fades down and the entrance theme of “The Bastard” PAC plays. The leader of Death Triangle makes his way down to the ring in a hurry as Rey Fenix and Pentagon JR. are shown following behind him. PAC immediately tears into Kingston and the action quickly spills out to the floor, where “The Bastard” jumps off to an early offensive lead.

Back in the ring, PAC keeps the pressure on Kingston, blasting him with kicks as he falls against the ropes and into the corner. PAC continues to work him over in the corner with thunderous kicks to the dome as the commentary team of Ross, Schiavone and Excalibur tell the tale of the history between PAC and Kingston. Now we see PAC head to the top-rope for the first time in the match, as he comes flying off blasting Kingston with a well-timed missile dropkick.

Finally, Kingston blasts PAC with a knee to the back of the head to slow down his momentum. He sends him out to the floor where The Bunny scratches at his eyes with her long nails while Kingston had the referee tied up in the ring. Kingston heads out to the floor and hits a nice package suplex over his head, dumping “The Bastard” on the floor with authority. Back in the ring, Kingston hits a neckbreaker on PAC for a near fall.

Kingston continues to dominate the action as he focuses his offensive attack on the neck of PAC, which as the announcers explain on commentary, is something he softened up when “The Bastard” first made his return following a lengthy hiatus from the scene on Dynamite. Finally, PAC kills Kingston’s offensive momentum and now with both men down, he is the first to make it back to his feet. He heads over to Kingston, who is up to his knees now, and begins peppering him with an assortment of big kicks.

This continues until Kingston pops up out of nowhere and catches PAC with a back-fist, which kick-starts an offensive flurry of strikes and moves which culminates in a back driver for a near fall. Kingston now stalks PAC as he struggles to get back to his feet. He blasts him with a knife-edge chop in the corner. He goes to follow in but PAC moves. PAC runs into Kingston’s boot and now Kingston hops to sit on the top turnbuckle. PAC comes up with him and is now looking to hit a superplex on him after crotching him on the top. He does — with auithority — for a close near fall.

Ross speculates that Kingston hurt his lower back on the bump he took as a result of the big top-rope super plex from “The Bastard.” PAC hits Kingston with another wide-variety of kicks, blasting him with a big one that decks him at the end. He builds some momentum but is floored by a clothesline from Kingston that turned him inside-out. Kingston tries to finish him off with that spot, but PAC kicks out after the referee’s count of two. PAC hangs onto the top-rope now as Kingston attempts a DDT. He dropkicks Kingston in the face as he was on all fours. He drags him to the corner and heads to the top-rope. Schiavone speculates he is going for the Black Arrow.

Winner: “The Bastard” PAC

After The Match: All Hell Breaks Loose

As soon as he scores the pin, PAC rolls and locks in his arm-submission finisher on Kingston to add insult to injury. Now all members of Death Triangle and Eddie Kingston’s Family hit the ring and square off.

Ultimately, nothing happens between them as out comes “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer, with Jake “The Snake” Roberts running behind him. He gets in the ring, which clears out Eddie Kingston and his Family. He gets in PAC’s face and tells him to get things in order. He walks off.

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