AEW Elevation Results – May 17th, 2021

Matt Hardy, The Bunny and The Blade are backstage. Hardy says that people grow, evolve and get better once they join HFO. He notes Bunny has gotten better, gained more rage since joining HFO giving a warning to KiLynn King. Bunny says everyone underestimates her. “Have you ever been down the rabbit hole because that’s exactly where you’re going to go.”

The Bunny (w/HFO) vs. KiLynn King

King dodges Bunny’s charge and hits a series of arm drags then a bodyslam for a one count. King pressuring Bunny in the corner. Bunny takes advantage of the break and goes on the offensive. Bunny misses a strike, and King hits a floating neckbreaker for a two count. Bunny reverses an Irish Whip, King reverses Bunny. Bunny gains the advantage slamming King on the ropes sending her outside. Bunny whips King on the barricade as Private Party fan her with money. Bunny stomps on King as Private Party circle them.

Back in the ring, Bunny covers and gets a two count. Bunny with some elbow shots while King is grounded, and Bunny covers her for a two count. Bunny wrenching her knee on King while she’s hanging on the ropes and yells at the ref after the break. Bunny holding her boot on King in the corner. Bunny follows up with a series of knee lifts. King picks up Bunny off the ropes and hits a fallaway slam. King on the offensive, but Bunny counters an atomic drop.

King responds with a spinebuster, stacked cover 1-2-no! King hits a pump kick in the corner and goes over the tope and hits a series of punches on Bunny. Blade distracts the ref as Bunny hits a big shot on King sending her down for the win.

Winner: The Bunny

– Post-match: The camera shows a foreign object. Bunny hits King with more shots as she sends King Down the Rabbit Hole. Big Swole comes out to save King. Instant replay shows that Matt Hardy slipped Bunny the brass knuckle like object.

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