AEW Dynamite Results – June 17th, 2020

Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

The camera pans around the building and we see fans at ringside as Jim Ross welcomes us to this week’s show. From there, Kenny Omega’s theme hits and fireworks and pyro explode some more as Tony Schiavone runs down some of the action scheduled for tonight.

Omega continues making his way down to the ring to join his tag-team partner, “Hangman” Adam Page, who is already inside the squared circle, as are their opponents for tonight — Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall, who are accompanied by Brandi Rhodes.

The Natural Nightmares challenge for the AEW World Tag-Team Championships in this week’s AEW Dynamite opening contest. Justin Roberts does the formal pre-match introductions for this title affair.

Kicking things off in the ring for their respective teams are Omega and Rhodes. The bell sound and these two lock up. Omega hits the mat, Dustin hits the ropes and Rhodes uses veteran tactics to cut off Omega. Omega hoists Dustin up out of nowhere looking for the One-Winged Angel in the early goings.

Now we see Omega go to the top rope, looking for a hurricanrana after blasting Rhodes with a big running knee. The ref checks on Dustin as Omega makes the tag to “Hangman” Adam Page. Dustin tags QT Marshall in.

The fresh tag-team partners for Omega and Rhodes are now the legal men in the ring. We watch highlights of a headbutt that occurred between Omega and Dustin moments ago as well. QT blasts Page in the bread basket and then hits a picture-perfect drop kick.

QT is looking for here briefly, however a big boot from Page stops his offensive run short. Page tags Omega back in, who hits a springboard knee on the arm of QT before chopping the hell out of him. QT catches Omega coming off the ropes and hits a nice slam / driver before tagging “The Natural” back into the bout.

Dustin whips Omega into the turnbuckle with authority while Tony Schiavone reads a note from Dr. Britt Baker about isolating her ankle and being a role model for being here tonight despite being in so much pain. Dustin continues to work over Omega, going for a pin attempt and getting two before tagging QT in. The two hit a double-team spot.

Now we see the camera pan over to the announce desk where Schiavone is handed another note from Dr. Britt Baker. This one is to inform Schiavone that she doesn’t like his green tie. QT is now the legal man in the ring and he blasts Omega with an elbow in the trap muscle before tagging Dustin back in. Dustin rakes the back of Omega and snapmares him down to the mat, slapping a rear chin lock on him.

Omega starts firing up on offense, however a high back body-drop from Dustin slows Omega’s comeback down a bit. Not for long, however, as he goes over Dustin’s back with the Kitaro Crusher, enabling him to make it to his corner to tag in “Hangman” Adam Page. Dustin tags in QT as well.

Page takes the hot tag and enters the ring like a man possessed, taking out any and everyone that moves. He hits a fall-away slam on QT before executing a nice dive onto Dustin on the floor. He quickly re-enters the ring and hits a sliding lariat for a near fall. He tags Omega back in and Omega looks for the Death Valley Driver. He hits it and then leaps to the corner, jumping off the ropes with a big cross-body splash for a near fall.

Kenny Omega tags Page back in, who blasts QT with a sharp knife-edge chop. He turns to hit Dustin with a cheap shot before turning around into a big back elbow from QT Marshall. He tags in Dustin. “The Natural” takes the hot tag and comes in like a ball of fire, burnnig up everything in sight. He hits a nice turning splash off the top to take out both Page and Omega. He throws both guys out to the floor and hits a cannonball senton on one while QT hits a QT Special from the ring out to the floor on the other.

Back in the ring, QT, now the legal man, hits a turning diving uppercut off the top-rope before nipping up to his feet. He calls for the Diamond Cutter but Omega blocks and hits a Snap-Dragon Suplex. He turns right into a Canadian Destroyer from Dustin, who turns and walks right into a big Lariat from Hangman Page. Hangman turns around into a Diamond Cutter from QT.

All four men are down now as the camera pans over to the entrance way, which shows Allie standing there clapping and cheering QT on. QT sees her and goes to the top rope, but takes a little too long and finds no target on his way down. Now Omega whips Page into QT in the corner. They hit an assisted-German Suplex double-team spot before Dustin breaks up the follow-up pin attempt.

The camera shows a close-up shot of a concerned Allie again watching on providing moral support to QT. Omega hits a running knee to the back of the head of QT and covers him while Page splashes onto Dustin on the floor. Omega only gets two on the pin, however he and Page hit their Last Call double-team finisher and Omega covers QT. 1-2-3. The Elite duo retain the AEW World Tag-Team Championships as Allie watches on looking upset. Highlights are shown of the match while Omega and Page celebrate and Dustin checks on QT while Allie watches on with concern.

Allie comes down to ringside and stands next to a suspicious Brandi Rhodes. That will do it for this week’s AEW Dynamite opening contest.

Winners: Kenny Omega & “Hangman” Adam Page

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